MSMW 2020:

  1. Electromagnetic theory and numerical simulation
  2. Radiospectroscopy
  3. Microwave superconductivity
  4. Vacuum electronics
  5. Solid state devices
  6. Radio astronomy and Earth’s environment study
  7. Artificial materials: metamaterials and composite structures
  8. Scientific and industrial instrumentation
  9. Biomedical applications
  10. Waves in semiconductors and in solid-state structures

ICATT 2020:

  1. General Antenna Theory
  2. Reflector, Lens and Hybrid Antennas
  3. Antenna Arrays
  4. Adaptive Antennas, Smart Antennas
  5. Low-Gain, Printed Antennas
  6. Antennas for Mobile Communications
  7. Antennas for Industrial and Medical Applications
  8. Antennas for Radioastronomy
  9. Antenna Radomes and Absorbers
  10. Antenna Measurements

MRRS 2020:

  1. Active and passive radars, components and circuits
  2. Analog and digital components of radar and electronic systems
  3. Signal Data and Image processing
  4. Scattering and RCS; parametric and Doppler techniques
  5. Target classification and identification
  6. Remote sensing of Land/Atmosphere; remote sensing systems for light air vehicles and UAV
  7. Radar applications: Meteorology; Biomedicine, Security and Defense, Automotive, Industrial radars
  8. GPR and TWS radar; SAR and ISAR; Acoustic, radio-acoustic and secondary radar systems
  9. Metamaterials in Radar
  10. Educational and historical aspects


  1. Ultra-wideband signal processing
  2. Theoretical investigations and numerical simulations of UWB and ultrashort impulse signals and processes
  3. Generation and receiving of UWB signals and ultrashort impulses
  4. Ultra-wideband antennas
  5. Electromagnetic compatibility
  6. Electromagnetic metrology
  7. Propagation and scattering of ultra-wideband and ultrashort impulse signals in natural and artificial materials (complex media, radio absorbers, biomaterials, nanostructures, metamaterials, etc.)
  8. Ultra-wideband radar and ground penetrating radar
  9. Application of UWB signals and ultrashort impulses (communication, medicine, etc.)